Recording Update From The Studio

02 Nov, 2009

Guitarists Hanny & Stevie have completed recording the guitar parts for the upcoming new album. Stevie says the band are having a lot of fun with the new tunes and are really looking forward to playing the new songs live. John Cavaliere has already begun laying down the vocals and things are on track for an early 2010 release!


- November 13th 2009 - Courthouse Arts Centre, Geelong, Victoria, Australia (all ages)

- January 1st 2010 - Screamfest, Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

- January 3rd 2010 - Bilboard, Melbourne, Australia (with Edguy & Cynic)

- January 5th 2010 - Fowlers (all ages), Adelaide, Australia (with Edguy & Cynic)

- February 6th 2010 - Jak Sound & Music Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia




New album available now

Cross Of Thorns

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