In Your Honour - 2010 Reviews

Posted on 06 Jun, 2010

This is the new album of the band from Australia, and for sure it's gonna be a blast for the fans. This is their fourth album, and in a way, their best so far. Playing Melodic Power Metal and enriching it with touches of Progressive here and there, this album is an instant hit. The music is catchy, and makes you want to move your head along with the rhythm. Very good guitar lines, harsh and well worked vocals, and memorable parts to sing along, are the characteristics of their latest release. The majority of the songs are very good, with nice ideas which the band explores to the best possible way. Slightly heavier than their previous works, this one still has what it takes to be considered as Melodic Metal, but being a bit more complex than before, needs some extra effort to explore their music. The production is very good, and was done by Ronald Grapow at his studios. Black Majesty once again have released an album that will please both new and old fans. It's fast, Heavy, Melodic, catchy, and well worked. What more a fan could ask?

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