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Australian melodic power metal band Black Majesty return with their eagerly anticipated third album ‘Tomorrowland’. Following the paths laid out by them by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween, Black Majesty have continued to build on their own brand of Australian melodic power metal. The bands first two album’s Sands of Time (2003) and Silent Company (2005) launched the band in a big way with Black Majesty being one of the best sellers for their German label Limb Music Products. Black Majesty caught the eye of many over the past few years having being hand picked by DragonForce to support them on their Australian wide 2006 tour whilst also picking up supports with Edguy and Hammerfall.

The new album Tomorrowland demonstrates characteristics of a tougher, faster pace yet still melodic package which is apparent more than ever before. Singer John Cavaliere continues to show off his emotionally charged vocals on songs like ‘Into the Black’ and ‘Evil In Your Eyes’ whilst the twin guitar attack of Stevie Janevski and Hanny Mohamed are again highlighted on songs such as the opener ‘Forever Damned’ and the title track ‘Tomorrowland’ with their guitar acrobatics and harmonies. Things are rounded out by the thunderous rhythm section of Pavel Konvalinka on drums and Evan Harris on bass evident on the song ‘Bleeding World’. Tomorrowland certainly mixes it up for everyone. A nice surprise on the album comes in the bands rendition of the Deep Purple classic tune Soldier of Fortune.

A strong draw card on the live scene Black Majesty's guitarist's Stevie Janevski and Hanny Mohamed have also attracted the attention of musical instrument companies such as Jackson Guitars, Hughes & Kettner Amplification, and Dean Markley strings with endorsements further demonstrating the high quality musicianship - with Australian Guitar Magazine describing the band as one of the brightest metal talents to come from down under.
Proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves Black Majesty are inspired to play the style of metal they are most passionate about. Old school is something that does not bother the band. Respectful of the music and bands they grew up on and still appreciate as metal-heads today. Coming from Australia which for the most has not been recognized as a heavy metal country makes it all the more interesting with influences ranging from European and US metal while also incorporating the band's own Australian heritage.

"It was never hip to listen to metal here. It was definitely underground but we still grew up listening to classics such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Queensryche to name just a few. I certainly was into it in a big way and the whole band still are. We're all fans of metal make no mistake about that. Everything from the bands, the live shows and also the imagery. For us the music is so powerful that it is also reflected in the band's album covers. It kind of goes together. The whole metal concept is something special. It's all part of the package", explains guitarist Hanny. Art work on the new Black Majesty album is again handled by Dirk Illing (Wizard, Paragon) which brings back the art style of yesteryear.

Black Majesty had an enormous 2007 and things are not slowing up. Busy promoting their new album Tomorrowland Black Majesty have recently returned to Australia following a European Tour where they played major Heavy Metal Festivals including Wacken Open Air in Germany, Masters of Rock Festival and Metal Universe Festivals. Black Majesty shared the stage with international Metal Giants like Blind Guardian, Motorhead, Iced Earth, Hammerfal, Edguy, Masterplan, Children of Bodom and Stratovarius to name a few. Stefan Belik of Bright Eyes Wacken review team said Black Majesty shared "unbelievable guitar work and one of the most impressive voices of the 2007 WOA festival".

Black Majesty have also been confirmed as a support act for the upcoming 2008 Helloween and Saxon Australian tours.

Tomorrowland is out now through Limb Music Products.

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John Cavaliere - Voice
Steve Janevski - Guitar
Hanny Mohamed - Guitar
Pavel Konvalinka - Drums